Google Drive Client for Linux Mint Google Drive Client Quick-Start for Linux Mint 18 Sarah LTS Hello Mint User! This Easy & Step-by-step Tutorial Shows You How-to Getting-Started to Sync / Access Google Drive Cloud Files on Linux Mint 18 Sarah LTS 32/64bit GNU/Linux Mate/Cinnamon/KDE/Xfce Desktops. READ MORE

Memory leaks in Android — identify, treat and avoid   What is a memory leak? Every app needs memory as a resource to do its work. To make sure each app in Android has enough memory, Android system needs to manage memory allocation efficiently. Android READ MORE

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Difference between add(), replace(), and addToBackStack() 1) fragmentTransaction.addToBackStack(str); Description – Add this transaction to the back stack. This means that the transaction will be remembered after it is committed, and will reverse its operation when later popped off the stack. 2) fragmentTransaction.replace(int containerViewId, Fragment fragment, String tag) Description – READ MORE