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Libgdx tutorials—an-in-depth-analysis.html Full Libgdx Game Tutorial – FLGT – Home  

Android-Debug-Tools   Android-Debug-Tools   Android library for debugging, Sqlite Databases, SharedPreferences and all types of files stored in internal storage directory, right from the app. What it does? View all Sqlite database with version. View all Tables and it’s contents READ MORE

[50 Top] Awesome Android Libraries —February — March 2018 For Android Developer Library GitHub

recycler-view-margin-decoration ZigzagView Image Steps SSForms VirtualAPK Floaty NoPaginate ShapeOfView FloatingLockButton TreeView android-toggle CountryCurrencyPicker MC Night Mode Range Time Picker Dialog CropMe Boxed Vertical SeekBar Spitfire iOSDialog ShootingSlider CoolView About Activity Custom EditText uCrop’n’Edit Android Social Fragment OreonPreview ArcToolbarView OCR Demo READ MORE