Android automatic testing using monkey testing tool

What is Monkey?
Monkey is a command line tool that runs over ADB shell command line. It generates N number of random events such as random touches, gesture, system level events, etc. and sends to the system or app which you want to test.

How Monkey works?
It’s very simple, all you need to do is open the terminal or command prompt and navigate to the platform-tool directory:You may find it android >

android > SDK > platform-tool
Note: Install ADB in the directory platform-tool if not already there.

Now run your app in device or emulator through developing machine, navigate to the screen of your app which you want to test, and then run following command in the Terminal:

$ adb shell monkey -p -v 500

You can include the following events as per requirements:

-s <seed> : To execute same event each time, You have to use same seed value each time to generate same sequence of event.
--throttle <millisecond> : To slow down or insert delay in event execution.
--pct-touch<percent> : To Adjust percentage of touch event


Step 1: Open command prompt

Step 2: Move to Android SDK folder — platforms-tools — where adb command run

Step 3: Copy following command

adb -e shell monkey –ignore-crashes -p 500 > test_logs.txt

after successful done we can check logs in
Path To Android SDK /platforms-tools/test_logs.txt


-e // to run on emulator for device use -d
For this demo we are using emulator

–ignore-crashes //If you specify this option, the Monkey will continue to send events to the system, until the specified count is completed. //package name of your app

500 //number of events count

test_logs.txt //file name where you want to store your logs

Mi Developer Document Center

Introduction of Monkey Test

All the apps need to go through stability testing–nonfunctional testing, namely Monkey testing and Ergodicity testing. The phone may have no SD card, no sim card and may be non-rooted during the testing in order to guarantee the apps can function normally in any circumstances without FC or ANR.Your app failed in our testing temporarily. The detailed information has been sent to you in FC_log, please refer to the log and resubmit your app after modification.Please conduct your monkey test under the corresponding mode of phone, then you could find out how the problem occurs. The parameters of monkey test are as follows:

adb shell monkey -v –throttle 300 –pct-touch 30 –pct-motion 20 –pct-nav 20 –pct-majornav 15 –pct-appswitch 5 –pct-anyevent 5 –pct-trackball 0 –pct-syskeys 0 -p ‘%s’ 1000

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