[50 Top] Awesome Android Libraries —February — March 2018 For Android Developer Library GitHub

  1. recycler-view-margin-decoration
  2. ZigzagView
  3. Image Steps
  4. SSForms
  5. VirtualAPK
  6. Floaty
  7. NoPaginate
  8. ShapeOfView
  9. FloatingLockButton
  10. TreeView
  11. android-toggle
  12. CountryCurrencyPicker
  13. MC Night Mode
  14. Range Time Picker Dialog
  15. CropMe
  16. Boxed Vertical SeekBar
  17. Spitfire
  18. iOSDialog
  19. ShootingSlider
  20. CoolView
  21. About Activity
  22. Custom EditText
  23. uCrop’n’Edit
  24. Android Social Fragment
  25. OreonPreview
  26. ArcToolbarView
  27. OCR Demo
  28. SlideMenuLayout
  29. DropdownTextView
  30. HmsPicker
  31. AndroidValidator
  32. KFormMaster
  33. Fluid Slider Android
  34. ColorPickerPreference
  35. DoubleTapLikeView
  36. MultiAppPicker
  37. Progress
  38. Android-Goldfinger
  39. livedata-call-adapter
  40. SimplePlacesSearchDialog
  41. AlertView
  42. SimpleAdapter
  43. Stash
  44. Mural
  45. tflite-mnist-android
  46. Collapsible-Calendar-View-Android
  47. Android-Debug-Tools
  48. KToast
  49. HoveringCallback
  50. Tubi Loading View
  51. recycler-view-margin-decoration
  52. recycler-view-margin-decoration

A library for add margin each item in RecyclerView.

ปล. ผลงานของคนไทย รุ่นน้องผม

2. ZigzagView

a zigzag view for using for ticket or invoice

3. Image Steps

A simple library for using steps with images and animation

4. SSForms

SSForms is Android library to create dynamic Recyclerview forms. The goal of the library is to get the same power of hand-made forms but spending 1/10 of the time.

5 VirtualAPK

VirtualAPK is a powerful yet lightweight plugin framework for Android. It can dynamically load and run an APK file (we call it LoadedPlugin) seamlessly as an installed application. Developers can use any Class, Resources, Activity, Service, Receiver and Provider in LoadedPlugin as if they are registered in app’s manifest file.

Supported Features

6 .Floaty

This is an Android Library for bottom view with custom transition.

7. NoPaginate

Android pagination library (updated 18.12.2017)


This repository is a slightly modified version of Paginate library. Author: @MarkoMilos

We decided to modify it a little, so that developers could easily use it with MVP or Clean Architecture


  1. Double-sided pagination
  2. Delegate for Presenter or Interactor, with implementation Limit/Offset and Page pagination
  3. Unit tests
  4. Wiki


If you find any bug, or you have suggestions, don’t be shy to create issues or make a PRs in the develop branch. You can read contribution guidelines here

My other libraries:

  1. NoPermission — Simple Android permission library, consist of only one class
  2. NoRecyclerViewAdapter — Simple base adapter for recyclerView

8. ShapeOfView

Give a custom shape to any android view


How to use in the Activity

FloatingLockView lockView = new FloatingLockView(this); lockView.attachToScreen(this); Long Press to move the button.

To update the floating lock button,


To lock


To Unlock lockView.unlock()

10 TreeView

Android TreeView is used to display data in tree structures.


The library is designed to support different algorithms. Currently, only the algorithm from Walker (with the runtime improvements from Buchheim) has been implemented. Feel free to contribute. The algorithm should only implement the Algorithm Interface.


11. android-toggle

Custom Switches for Android

witches Available

12 .CountryCurrencyPicker

CountryCurrencyPicker is an android picker library for country and / or currency. You can implement it as fragment or dialog. It offers the option to search for country values and / or currency values.

13 .MC Night Mode

Simple Android Library to enable/disable night mode (like NightShift for iOS). This library provides you a background Service that overlap a filter on your screen device; this will reduce the amount of blue on your display.

14 Range Time Picker Dialog

A custom dialog that allow you to set a start time and end time.

15 CropMe

Extremely Smooth and Easy Cropping library for you

This is an Android library for cropping images. Move images smoothly, and crop images precisely.

16 Boxed Vertical SeekBar

A vertical seekbar for Android

This is a vertical seekbar like in the IOS 11 control center with an image at the bottom.

17 Spitfire

A simple Android Network library. This library can be used as a wrapper for Google Volley, FasterXML Jackson serializer. All the Volley and Jackson method are fully operational.

All the documentations are available here :

Contribution : CONTRIBUTING.md

18 .iOSDialog

With this library you can use iOS UIAlertView on Android.

19 ShootingSlider

We are very pleased to present Shooting Slider, which is probably the worst Android slider ever made.

If you think it’s user-friendly, please check nightmare mode.

Enjoy! 🙂

20 CoolView

An Android Library that help you to customize views (Button, EditText, ImageView), by adding border with the size and color that you want, and give it the corner radius that you seems cool, and you can also make an imageview looks like a circle.


21 About Activity

A simple, activity to show some information about the application.

22 .Custom EditText

Simple Custom EditText for Android like Instagram

23 uCrop’n’Edit

uCrop’n’Edit — Image Cropping + Editing Library for Android

Using the source code of “uCrop”, I’ve added four new features — ability to change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness.

24 Android Social Fragment

A reusable fragment to display links to social networks, the Play Store as well as recommendation and support email links. The fragment tries to open installed apps on the user’s device first and resorts to the web browser otherwise.

A reusable fragment to display links to social networks, the Play Store as well as recommendation and support email links. The fragment tries to open installed apps on the user’s device first and resorts to the web browser otherwise.

25 .OreonPreview

A simple animation with tanslation or scale views written in Java.

OrionPreview is a simple animation with tanslation or scale views written in Java. https://applikeysolutions.com

26 ArcToolbarView

An Arc view for the android Toolbar or anywhere.

27 OCR Demo

An experiment about OCR in Android

Third-party Libraries Used

28 SlideMenuLayout

An android slide menu that supports left and right swipes and slides with parallax


  • Support for sliding direction configuration
  • Can be used as ViewGroup
  • Handle the sliding conflicts in each scenarios
  • Option to click on content view to close menu when it’s opening
  • Option to dim the content view automatically
  • Option to toggle the parallax effect

29 .DropdownTextView

Simple drop-down(expandable) TextView for Android

30 HmsPicker

A simple Hours-Minutes-Seconds time picker. Available for a custom view or a dialog.

Separated and optimized from android-betterpickers hmspicker(in order to shrink apk size and add features).


31 . AndroidValidator

Model based validation library for Android written in kotlin

Kotlin sample usage: (Column info is not part of validator it is from Room library)


Model in java:

32 .KFormMaster

Easily build generic forms with minimal effort (A Kotlin port of FormMaster)

his library aids in building bigger forms on-the-fly. Forms with large number of elements can easily be added programmatically within a few minutes.


  • Easily build big and bigger forms with minimal effort
  • Fast color change as needed
  • Kotlin port of FormMaster

Version 2 Changes

  • Element tags are now optional
  • The email, password, phone, text, textArea, number, textView, and button elements no longer take a <T: Serializable> as they only deal with Strings
  • Deprecated valueChanged in BaseFormElement
  • Added valueObservers in BaseFormElement to replace valueChanged with a list of Observers when the element value changes (See updated Examples)

Java Compatibility

  • This library was ported from Java and is still compatibile with Java code
  • See Java Example

33.Fluid Slider Android

A slider widget with a popup bubble displaying the precise value selected. Android library made by @Ramotionhttps://dev.ramotion.com


Looking for developers for your project?
This project is maintained by Ramotion, Inc. We specialize in the designing and coding of custom UI for Mobile Apps and Websites.

The Android mockup available here.


  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (API lvl 16) or greater
  • Your favorite IDE

34. ColorPickerPreference

A library that let you implement ColorPickerView, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference.
Could get HSV color, RGB values, Html color code from your gallery pictures or custom images just by touching.


When user double taps the view, it will show an animation and you can do some actions with it


  • src : Resource id of main image
  • icon : Resource id of animation image (default is heart image)
  • disableAnimation : When the view is double tapped, there is a default animation with icon, but you can disable it. In case you want to show your own animation effect.
  • doubleTapIn : Millisecond time gap between ‘onTap’ and ‘onDoubleTap’, I don’t recommend setting this time more than 500
  • scaleTypeadjustViewBounds are same parameters as in general ImageView

36. MultiAppPicker

A simple, material design multi-app picker using RecyclerView and Alphabetical Fast Scrolling (based on MultiContactPicker )! The picker will read the device applications and allow you to select 1–1 or 1-many and return them in a convenient list.

Note: In the code you can see some comments relative to the icon of the application selected; if you need the icon of the selected application you can uncomments the code (recommended for single choise mode); it’s not recommended for multi choise mode because the icons (bitmaps) are also serialised into an internal bundle. Unfortunately this bundle has a very small size limit.

37 Progress


Fingerprint authentication flow

To use the Android Fingerprint API you must:

  • Create a new or load an existing SecretKey
  • Create a Cipher with a created or loaded SecretKey
  • Create a CryptoObject with a created Cipher
  • Start Fingerprint authentication with a created CryptoObject
  • Handle possible exceptions at every step due to complexity of the Android Fingerprint API

The CryptoObject is locked when created and it is unlocked when the user successfully authenticates. Once it is unlocked, you can use it to cipher data.

Fingerprint authentication is used to either:

  1. Authenticate the user, e.g. for payment
  2. Perform encryption or decryption operations over user’s case-sensitive information, e.g. passwords

Goldfinger wraps everything mentioned and provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Android library to simplify Fingerprint authentication implementation.

39 .livedata-call-adapter

A simple LiveData call adapter for retrofit

40 SimplePlacesSearchDialog

A minimal and simple Google places autocomplete search dialog.

  • ***************************************************************

41. AlertView

A library to create simple alerts easily with some customization. Written in Kotlin but works for both Kotlin and Java

42 . SimpleAdapter

SimpleAdapter used to simplfy the adapter structure for RecyclerView with databinding

  • Easy to use.
  • No need to create adapter (Seperate java files).
  • Use of databinding.

43 . Stash

This Library allows you to store custom objects and arrrayLists in SharedPreference just like you store string and int.

How to Use

44. Mural

A lightweight image loading library in Kotlin

45 tflite-mnist-android

MNIST with TensorFlow Lite on Android

This project demonstrates how to use TensorFlow Lite on Android for handwritten digits classification from MNIST.

How to build from scratch


  • TensorFlow 1.6.0
  • Python 3.6, NumPy 1.14.1
  • Android Studio 3.0, Gradle 4.1
  • Linux or macOS if you want to convert the model to .tflite as described in the Step 2 below

46 Collapsible-Calendar-View-Android

Collapsible CalendarView in simple calendar view which can be collapsed to save space and can be expanded when needed https://shrikanth7698.github.io/Collapsible-Calendar-View-Android/

47. Android-Debug-Tools

Android library for debugging, Sqlite Databases, SharedPreferences and all types of files stored in internal storage directory, right from the app.

What it does?

  • View all Sqlite database with version.
  • View all Tables and it’s contents in a Database.
  • View all SharedPreferences.
  • View all files(image, pdf, json, txt etc) stored in internal directory of the app.

48 KToast

Customizable toast messages. https://onurkagan.github.io/KToast/

49 HoveringCallback

Drag & drop item decorator for RecyclerView with support for highlighting hovered items


  1. Add jcenter() to repositories block in your gradle file.
  2. Add implementation 'com.shuhart.hoveringcallback:hoveringcallback:1.2.6' to your dependencies.
  3. Look into the sample for additional details on how to use and configure the library.

50 . Tubi Loading View

A spinning circular loading view; for use when you need to display something when you are loading something off of the main UI thread.

2. ZigzagView


Thank you ^^

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